The problem with dieting


Although a lot of my clients come to me with fairly obvious psychological reasons for why they have found themselves binge eating, there are some who have simply fallen into the yoyo dieting rollercoaster that is so damaging to health, both mentally and physically.

We have a million dollar weight loss industry that is making us fatter. What’s that about? It is IMPOSSIBLE that all of these (very different) diets work. All they are serving to do is body shame and make you try the next diet….a catch 22 if ever I saw one.

Weight Watchers make us count points, Slimming Worlds makes us count syns, very low calorie diets make us count calories….why are we counting?! STOP the counting and enjoy the food. With my nutrition hat on I can tell you that calories are not made equal and with my eating disorders head on I can tell you that all the counting leads to obsession. If you’re reading this I bet you know how many calories are in EVERYTHING you eat. I know I did but I literally have no idea now.

If you work with me I will NOT put you on a diet. Far from it. I will educate you about food, yes, but I will positively encourage you to eat good, nutritious food regularly and without fear. For what is fear worth? Nothing.

Once you leave the weight loss / diet industry behind you will feel liberated. To understand your body and what eating good food feels like is the first step towards removing false body image, shame and destructive thoughts.

And it’s easy to do, with a little guidance.

At this time of year especially, leading up to summer there is a huge pressure on getting that ‘beach body’ and how to do that in 6 weeks. This is known as crash dieting and is not safe. The crash dieter will always be the one who piles the weight back on, and quickly.

Please don’t fall for the instagram or magazine perfection. These images are severely edited and do not promote a positive body image.

More on this in the next few posts.

Jody x

Jody Middleton