The financial burden of having Binge Eating Disorder


You might not think of having an eating disorder as being a reason people get into debt but it's a very real situation.

When I was in the throws of mine in my early twenties I would spend a lot of money every day.

During my binge eating disorder I would leave home a good hour before I needed to so that I could drive past as many food outlets as possible and eat in the car. So quite apart from the endless amounts of food I was buying I was using so much petrol, for no real reason.

I couldn't buy everything from one place local to me as I might have seen someone I knew and the shop assistant would judge me (in my mind).

I also spent inordinate amounts of money on laxatives, and, as this article below says, on whichever new health fad was in the press that week.

I turned down babysitting jobs as I knew I would just binge on all their food and I had to stop the waitressing job I had as I was bingeing on customers' leftovers or even grabbing puddings from the freezer and eating them without the chef noticing.

If you find yourself identifying with any of what I've said, please don't be ashamed. You're not just greedy and out of control. You have a disorder which needs addressing.

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With love and no judgement,

Jody x

Jody Middleton