My Top 10 Podcasts for a Happy Head

I have only really got into podcasts in the last year or so and I’m still discovering wonderful ones that make me smile and bring some happiness into my day.

I walk my dog every day for at least an hour so I make sure I’ve got something downloaded to listen to while I walk. There is something about the fresh air, being in nature and listening to people whose lives resonate with mine that really sets my day off well! Here are my favourites, see if you agree.

  1. Happy Place - Fearne Cotton

  2. Under the Skin - Russell Brand

  3. Feel Better Live More - Dr Chatterjee

  4. Brain over Binge - Kathryn Hansen

  5. Thanks a Million - Angela Scanlon

  6. Where Should We Begin - Esther Perel

  7. The Energy Blueprint - Ari Whitten

  8. Ted Talks Daily - Various

  9. The Guilty Feminist - Deborah Frances-White

  10. The Standard Issue - Sarah Millican

Please do get in touch if you think there are any others I’d enjoy!

Jody Middleton