Why emotions are the foundation of healing

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Do you dread waking up remembering last night’s binge?

Does your whole life revolve around food?

Needing it?
Wanting it?
Finding it?
Eating it?
Hiding it?
Hating it?

Are you ashamed of your eating behaviour?

It can be very confusing if you don’t understand why you can’t just eat normally and your whole life revolves around food. Even if you’re not bingeing, you can be thinking about bingeing, or planning your next binge like a ritual or restricting your food drastically only to fail a few hours or even days later.

So if food is on your mind ALL THE TIME, I can relate. Because that was me not so long ago…

One of the first things I had to do was take back control of my eating. This is easier said than done! Initially, it meant that I had to work on acceptance. I soon worked out a pattern - a series of techniques that led me to create a programme that I now share with others who have experienced what I went through: The Food Freedom Programme.

My passion to help others led me to becoming a fully qualified Registered Nutritional Therapist but I knew I had to delve deeper into my own background and help people with disordered eating. So that’s what I did through further Eating Disorders training which increased my passion to a whole new level.

So now when I start working with my clients I understand them. I know their emotions are out of control. But I also know there is a solution that can lead towards taking back control and getting your life back.

I would love the opportunity to help guide you to learn to accept that you are suffering with a disorder. More specifically, Binge Eating Disorder.

I will encourage you to feel safe and connected with absolutely no judgement. Remember I have been there and know how the feeling of shame surrounds you.

However, change is very important. If you are not willing to change then my programme is not for you.

But if you want to change, then let’s do this together...

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