The Food Freedom Programme


I have designed the Food Freedom Programme to give you the support you need during your health journey. It is a six-month one-to-one programme with either virtual coaching sessions online or face-to-face in my clinic in Kent.

You will receive:

  • 7 x 1 hour face-to-face or video link consultation every month (the first consultation is 2 hours)

  • 6 x 30 minute phone calls in between each face to face consultation

  • Regular email support

  • Full blood test with analysis and support

  • Simple plan of action that is achievable

  • No judgement and a safe space to talk to someone who has been through disordered eating

For more information on how I can help you using this method please book in a free call to have a chat. Or if you know that you would like to book the programme right now then please email me to get started.

Step 1 - Emotional

When you embark on my programme your emotions are likely to be out of control. You don’t understand why you can’t just eat normally and your whole life revolves around food. Even if you’re not bingeing you are thinking about bingeing or restricting ALL THE TIME. The first stage of my programme deals with accepting the disordered eating, giving it a name and realising that you can be rid of this all-encompassing disorder with the help of someone who has been through the same ordeal. I am therefore a safe, non-judgemental coach who you can be accountable to as well as freely contact. This part of the programme also deals with change and planning ahead.

step 2 -

At around month 3 you will do a blood test (all included in the programme) which will tell me if there is anything dysfunctional occurring in your body. I test the liver, the thyroid and nutrient deficiencies as well as a routine full blood count. As well as nutrition I will talk you through what blood sugar balancing means and how to transform your digestive system after punishing it for so long. We will talk through finding alternatives to bingeing as well as body image.

step 3 -

Of course you may be someone who is able to stop bingeing for a certain period of time before inevitably going back to it. This is why we need to put in place a structure for moving ahead beyond your 6 months coaching with me. By the end of the programme you will have a plan going forward as well as how to deal with changing circumstances and possible set backs. You will finally feel freedom around food and joy in life again.