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Learn the 3 steps to recovery using my simple Food Freedom programme


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How I work


Effective eating disorder treatment is psychological, nutritional, holistic and personalised. It must improve satisfaction with life, not just get rid of symptoms. I have developed a signature system that addresses all of these areas and works with you in a very personal, non-judgemental and safe way. Read more below about my Food Freedom programme. Alternatively, book in a free call with me so we can talk about how I may be able to help you.

Food Freedom Programme

Step 1

The desire to make changes to your health needs to come from the heart. In a safe, non-judgemental space we will look back at the possible triggers for your disordered eating and create a deep sense of acceptance of yourself and your situation.

Step 2

We will then look at how nutrition, rest and other lifestyle habits influence your health and your relationship to food. Detailed questionnaires and blood tests will help us find the root causes for your symptoms.

Step 3

This last module will give you ideas and insights within a clear structure to help you feel safe and guided going forward. The Food Freedom Programme is designed to give you long-lasting freedom from the fear and obsession about food.

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My Story

Disordered eating controlled my life for over ten years and I suffered very poor health because of this. Luckily, I found answers on how to free myself from the vicious cycle of avoiding and bingeing food through nutritional, emotional and psychological support. Fully trained in nutritional therapy and eating disorders, I now help others gain freedom from food fear.


*Disclaimer: I am not a medical doctor or psychologist. The opinions and any advice on this website and in my eBook are not intended to replace the services of trained medical professionals. Eating disorders can have serious health consequences, and you are advised to seek medical attention for matters relating to your health and, in particular, matters that may require diagnosis or treatment.